Inside the Hospital

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When we think about hospital food, the first thing that comes to our minds is “bland food”, but this is not the case inside the hospital I work for. As today, hospital kitchens are managed by food service companies such as Sodexho, AVI, Aramark and many others. The majority of health facilities do not count with a culinary administrator that takes charge of their whole kitchen operation, thus they are obligated to hire a private company. That is why such companies play a vital role within these society health places which receive more than 67,200 adult patients per hospital every year. In addition to patients we have visitors, including patient relatives or family members, becoming one of the most visited places in the world as well.

The job of the food services is to manage the food operation side including patient meal tray line; food production services, retail area and the financial department also. The opportunity that these private companies offer is a modern way of eating inside the healthcare system. Modifying recipes in a healthy way and substituting the bland food for flavor, texture, appearance and aroma. The new hospital food trend is modernizing the hospital cafeteria as a daily cooking show, with a la carte room service and a versatile retail area with fresh food from the earth to the table, cooking stations such as grill, sauté, salad bar, hot food line and deli station, creating the best of two worlds: the health care and the healthy eating.


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