The Dream of Becoming a Chef

When the passion for cooking came into my life without any explanation I felt it was like falling in love with someone. 005 All of a sudden I was taking culinary classes at Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando, FL thinking that after graduating I would win the title of a Chef de Cuisine.  This way of thinking has been my drive for several years, making an individualistic mind tool that empowers my desire and capacity of pursuing a path in the food service industry. Moreover the dream for others is to have their own restaurant business, work for a famous chef or to be in an important industry such as hotels and restaurants. But as a fresh cook we discard the possibility of making a career inside the healthcare system, believing that there is nothing to learn from this busy industry.

Some think that all food comes out of a can and everything else is already made. Since food prices are rising every year due to supply and demand, many food management services have opted to cooking their own products following the hospital’s dietary guidelines, creating a huge learning opportunity for the new cooks within the food services industry. Therefore, to this date, healthcare kitchens have become the matrix of popular foods from the classic French technic since Augusto Escoffier. The exceptional creativity is without doubt the best way to create from a classic and ordinary hospital cooking to a new age of gastronomy, implementing banquets, an array of food arrangements, to the simplicity of an extraordinary soup as well. Everything is made inside the healthcare kitchen.


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