When I bake one product in particular, I have to take into consideration what kind of sugar is the best choice for my final product. Also, it is important to understand that each type of sugar plays various roles in the texture of the final product as well. In addition sugars come in many varieties such as granulated, refined, syrups, liquid, and substitute sweeteners (McWilliams, Margaret Food Experimental Perspectives 7edit.). In this discussion, I will list different kinds of sweeteners which I usually use in my cooking.

            Splenda, a no calorie sweetener, is one of the versatile sugars that come in different texture as the natural sugar. Even though, there are myths and imprecisions about the component behind this sweetener (sucralose) Splenda Co. through their website, has been addressing these myths with positive facts about the real benefits and safety this sweetener has. They mention that this product in particular is beneficial for people because:

  • Reduces sugar in particular diets
  • Controls calories to maintain body weight
  • Controls consumption of carbohydrates in order to help manage diabetes  

Hence, because of its sweet content and versatility, Splenda is utilized in many baked products such as cookies, cakes, and breads. Because results are not always the same as with regular sugar, the company provides many tips, in order to assist in achieving the desired final product (http://www.splenda.com/cooking-baking/granulated).

            Brown Sugar is dark because of its molasses content, having a distinctive aroma and strong flavor. It also dissolves more slowly than table sugar and it has fewer calories as well. Brown sugar is good for sauces, and it adds a particular flavor to cakes and biscuits. It is also used in caramels for its burnt flavor and it is the perfect sugar for Asian food (http://www.fitday.com).

            Molasses is one of the most beneficial sugars in the market because of its mineral content and its dark color is due to the richness from the sugar cane. Molasses is high in calcium, magnesium and iron. It could cure depression, anxiety, and related nervous disorders such as, chronic ailments, arthritis, rheumatism, tumors and fibroids. Based on this information, molasses is also utilized as an energy booster as well as a natural laxative. It is good for breads, cookies and baked ham because it adds aroma, texture, flavor, and color (http://www.organic-sugar.com).

            Corn syrup adds very little nutrition to food but it is a good substitution as a sweetener because is not as sweet as other sugars. Corn syrup does not crystallize when it is cool and it is good to make icing and many candies as well. The benefit of this sweetener in particular, is that it attracts water giving more moisture to the baked goods (www.fitday.com).   




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