The Positive Effects of Exercise on the Human Body

The Positive Effects of Exercise on the Human Body

Exercise is more complicated for obese people than any other person in particular. Many aerobics activities include exercises that are in constant physical activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, basketball and swimming. Aerobic exercises are those types of activities that promote a raise in heart palpitations and high breathing rates for a period of 15 to 30 minutes without interruption. Other activities that do not comply with the necessary time to promote heart rates such as baseball, bowling and golf are considered anaerobic exercises. The fallowing information is directed to the sedentary and overweighs population with the idea to incorporate a beneficial exercise program, combining other alternatives for a good start (Karen Eich & Lisa M. Brefere, Nutrition for Food Service and Culinary Professionals 6th Ed). 

                                Any routine of physical activity has to be started in a low pace, with reasonable goals and commitment. One of the most important aspect from the exercise program is to intensify  the routine with gradual and progressives duration, taking into consideration the type of individual either heavyweight or sedentary. In order to have a better aerobic capacity the heart rate has to comply with 65 to 80 percent of the maximum heart rate capability. This calculation is made by subtracting the individual’s age from 220. In addition, exercises that improve these standards determine either the heart rate is in the target zone. Recommendations for a successful heart rate target zone are as follows:

1.            When stopping exercising, place the tip of the finger lightly over one of the blood vessels on the neck either left or right of the Adam’s apple.

2.            Count the pulse for 30 seconds and multiply by 2.

3.            If the pulse is below the target zone, a harder exercise is recommended for the next time.

4.            If the target zone is above, exercises need to be done a little easier next time. If the target zone falls between these guidelines, the exercise is being done correctly.

5.            If target zones guidelines have been correctly done, the pulse has to be check at least once a week.

Based on “Centre for Physical Activity in Ageing (2003)”  It is important that before any exercise routine is recommendable to warm up, doing slowly stretching movements and after finalizing the exercise routine is also remediable a cooling down period. One of the real benefits from exercising besides the improvements of the heart and lungs is the stimulus for muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility. Moreover, once an individual starts incorporating an exercise routine as a daily basis, the body begins reflecting noticeable changes in the body such as, bone strength, physical work capacity or the ability to perform better, improves the sense of well-being, muscular strength, glucose regulation, decrease blood pressure, and mental health overall. Finally, before to start an exercise routine it is important to consult the primary care physician (

A balance nutritional diet is the key to success weather a specific goal is to lose or gain weight. The majority of diseases such as heart conditions and obesity are associated with unhealthy eating habits. New dietary recommendations suggest the alternative of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and small amounts of healthy oils. Other recommendations such as the modification of existing items to make them more nutritious, improving healthy cooking preparations and avoiding the use of hydrogenated fats, for example instead of deep fry chicken other alternative is oven fry chicken. Also creating new healthy recipe selections from cook books, magazines, and websites that promotes healthy choices.

Example of recipe substitution:

Butter   Margarine

Whole milk         Nonfat or low fat milk

1 cup shortening              ¾ cup vegetable oil

1 cup heavy cream          1 cup evaporated skim milk

Cream cheese   Light cream cheese

Mayonnaise       Nonfat plain yogurt

Swiss cheese     Low-fat Swiss cheese

1 egg     2 egg whites


In order to control the eating disorder problem it is important to:

A.            Plan three meals and two snacks daily.

B.            Eat slowly

C.            Drink no calorie beverage

D.            Take smaller bites and use smaller plates

E.            Reward yourself with good books or with an especial hobby

F.            For anxiety condition, employ relaxation techniques to relieve stress or to switch to another activity such as walking or engaging in a new hobby.

G.           And put in practice mental commitments such as control for unhealthy desires, calorie goals, and daily exercise (Karen Eich & Lisa M. Brefere, Nutrition for Food Service and Culinary Professionals 6th Ed). 


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