Ethnic Foods

 Ethnic Foods

Based on Mark Brandau “Restaurant News” ethnic foods has been the inspiration from new flavors and fusions in the food service industry for many years. More than a 28 percent of consumers agree that they were satisfied with ethnic restaurants including service chains restaurants and full-service brands. One of the most important aspects of ethnic cuisines is their authenticity which decides the costumer drives at the moment of selecting a particular restaurant. In order for other establishments to include ethnic’s food in their menus, it is important that preparation methods, flavors, and taste profiles have been taken into consideration to meet their customers’ demands, especially from people with the same food culture’s origin. Due to the changes of cultures, cooking media, and the great increasing of human diversity throughout the years, consumers are more open to try new flavors from other countries around the world, especially from those restaurants that has someone from that region in particular (

The media communication plays an important role in the necessity or curiosity of tasting new flavors from other cultures as well as the association of travel and food. Many years ago my wife and I started watching Bollywood Indian’s movies and her curiosity for their culture was captivating our attention to the fact that we began to experimenting their culture through their food, visiting different Indian’s restaurants in Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey ( One of the reasons that drive to us to visits other ethnic restaurants is to try different flavors, to appreciate the ambient, the different food preparations, and music. In addition, I eat from different cultures to enrich my culinary profile and to create gastronomies fusions with my own ethnic culinary background.

Personally I believed that it is important for me to master my own culinary traditions and I think, if one day I open a restaurant my menu will be influenced on my own ethnic background, especially those flavor profiles that I kept from my mother cuisine. In order to keep my restaurant cuisine authentic I will make sure that all aspect from my culture gastronomy are covered from the country side which generally those roots that were growing until the modern attribute of presentation and good preparation techniques. The purpose of my restaurant will be dictated based on real Puerto Rican cuisine in order to make people feel that they are eating in their own house, having the same remembering from their own heritage trough flavors and traditions. 


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