Dysmorphic Disorder in Men


Dysmorphic is the condition’s name for men that are dissatisfied and extremely concerned about their appearance. The esthetic’s problem within the appearance of an individual is not associated or related to women. The statistics show a remarkable increment on incident connected with dysmorphic disorder in Men, and it has nearly tripled the volume the circumstance for the past two decades. Now there is a comparative in personal issues and appearance discomfort from both genders as well. This research is intended to find out why this disorder is heavily found in men, following other aspects such as the role of social interaction and what kind of solutions are existent within the market in order to treat this condition ( Phillips & Castle, 2001).

Body dysmorphic disorder is now a severe mental condition that has to be treated under a Psychiatric Doctor. The main factor of this condition is related to skin problems, muscle deformity, thin and hair loss, dental health, and overall body structure.  This disorder affects the individual’s mental confidence, consisting of excess of concerning and psychological creation of personal complex due to imperfection of the appearance. The great majority from these examples are looked out by Dermatologist and esthetic Surgeons. The patient considers that this kind of condition could be treated by any other Doctor other than the Psychiatric Doctor. If medical help is not sought out immediately by a mental health specialist the condition of these patients can worsen by the time, and other conditions may arise as well such as:


•           Patient become housebound

•           Suicidal attempts

•           Depression

•           Social isolation

•           Anxiety

•           Compulsivity

•           Drug abuse

•           Poor work performance

            The dysmorphic condition is treated with psychotropic medications, and antidepressants. This condition is categorized as a complicated condition for treatment due to the many problems associated with the disorder. However, (Greenberg & Wilhelm, 2012) the use of serotonin reuptake inhibitors are found more effectives for the majority of the patients. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also effective, helping the patient to develop a better appreciation of his or her appearance, facing more control of their behavior among other people. (Phillips & Castle, 2001) Basic psychological, personal or group therapies are not completely effective to treat this serious condition. The most important step that has to be made is to educate the public in general, in order to help the individual cope with this condition as well as to alleviate the patient’s concern and frustration. Group’s pressure plays and significant role within the patient life as well. Education is always an effective tool that encourages and promote good social and civic standard, and also aids to disseminate better information about this obscure condition that many have ignored for years which is the Body dysmorphic disorder   (http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/mental-health-body-dysmorphic-disorder).




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