Occupational Segregation


Occupational segregation affects groups of individuals in different ways. One of them is the division existent in many corporations based on stereotypes excluding the gender integration through trade impacts between women and men, which creates several implications for personal growing. Creates jobs for specific genders inhibit the fortification of groups as well as their group’s empowering, thus failing in achieving the business’ purposes. We have to recognize that segregation had a great effect, especially on women which were subject to unfair treatment during 1970s in the workplace, making less money than a man and holding the same career position (Jane Korinek, 2005).

Today, it is vital for management to know the importance of every step of the hiring process, and also to be aware not to illegally discriminate against any individual, due to a specific job position. We have to evaluate that most of the people understand that discrimination is prohibited on the basis of race, gender, national origin, age, religion, and disability. For this reason, if a job applicant knows or perceives any type of indication of bias within the hiring process, these might bring legal issues, law suits and general repercussions as well. This is why is extremely important that supervisors and managers are involved in the hiring process under the jurisdiction of human resources and upper management as well. Moreover, adequate training skills in this type of process is important in order to avoid any legal problem due to lack of experience from managers during the interviewing process (http://topics.hrhero.com/hiring-workers-employment-law-basics/#

Men and women may perceive equally effective. But in some types of jobs, males or females clearly seem to beat each other. In the majority of the cases both genders seems to be adaptable for any conditions and all depends on what kind of industry they are representing. I believe that in today’s working condition is no such thing as inequality of genders, when performing a particular task. In order to conduct and operate a business in an efficient manner, employee’s cross-training is vital to both the company and for the staff, but not intended for a particular gender when discrimination is visible (Greenberg, 2013).


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