Recent Dietary Trends Inside the Healing Organization

healthy u

by Marcos Cortés Carrasquillo “Chef Carrasco”

Orlando Health (2013) is a healthcare system composed of multiples hospital within the Orlando city in Florida. Each of these hospital is dedicated to a specific study inside the general medicine such as cancer treatment, heart diseases, general hospitalization, and children etc. Each of these different hospitals has a department called food and nutrition which is responsible to adjust the caloric and nutritional intake for all new and existent patients inside the hospital.

Orlando Health Hospital is another recognized brand within the hospitality industry, offering a different view of superiority, legacy, and commitment to Orlando’s residents and general tourist, in another setting, inside the health-giving organization. Since Orlando is a popular touristic destination and one of the most visited places in the world, it is important for Orlando Health to continuing offering the same exclusive services as any other important hotel in the area. For this reason all patient services are distributed in a hospitable manner, and one the most important aspect besides any other discipline within this hospital is the food service. Orlando Health believes that fast service, quality of food, appropriate temperatures, food consistency, right food servings and nutritional values are important for the healing process of every patient.

For this motive the food and nutrition department in conjunction with the Chefs and the Dietitians had proposed to change all culinary aspects for one purpose, not only they created better and nutritional habits for the patients, but to initiate a new way and a new appearance for the hospital by offering better nutritional choices, this time to the employees and to the general public. Today, the hospitals’ cafes instead of offering the common, ordinary, and greasy food, now they are offering a more nutritional attention within their menu choice. For example: in one of the stations that they have inside the cafeteria “the grill station” before, they used to cook greasy items such as hamburgers, and fried food, they now replaced these items for a more nutritive ones such as turkey burgers, veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, and they lessen the fried items from seven days a week to two days. Those changes and alternatives were later implemented in other stations of the cafe as well.

These changes brought a positive impact to the hospital “Orlando Health” by adding another policy of commitment toward the care of health. The head dietitians were in compliance by monitoring the new changes within all hospital’s food services making sure that all culinary staff were following this policy as well. The Hospital were recognized for many important medical organizations, associations, and from the department of health.

In the other hand, the hospital’s personnel were not convinced about these menu changes. The hospital staff, understood the purpose of the hospital but, they did not understand why such changes were so radicals. They believe that people are responsible to have their food picks, and nobody should have the authority to tell them what to eat and not to eat because they were paying for their own meals. After these changes, the hospital staff were always complaining about the tasteless food choices and meals. They seemed to prefer greasy hamburgers, fried food, of whatever their appetite dictated instead of the new healthy menu.

As a culinarian, I understand the hospital purpose, which is to educate the general public and at the same time to lead by example. The hospital wants to offer medical healing inside a clean environment without unhealthy food and smoke free campus as well. But to the contrary, their employees were unhappy and not convince over these new facts. My opinion is based on real experience as well as all the information provided in this investigation. I was employed by these organization (2009-2013) and I witnessed all the changes within the corporation and the general staff and their opinions throughout these changes.


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